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SQL Kick Start


SQL - Structured Query Language (DataBase)

  • Database is collection of data

  • Structured Query Language(Sql) is commonly used for CRUD operations-Create/Read/Update/Delete on a Database.

  • Database Management System (DBMS)is a Software interface between database and end user .

  • It's responsible for authentication,concurrency,logging,backup, optimization etc.,


  • Relational

  • Hierarchical

  • Network

  • NonSQL(NonTable Format)


  • MySQL-Open Source

  • SQL Server-Microsoft

  • Oracle-IBM

  • PostgreSQL-OpenSource

How to install MySQL:

  • Search on google -MySQL download

  • MySQL Installer for Windows

Follow these steps as above images to instal MySQL ☝🏻


  1. Character Data

  2. Text Data

  3. Numeric Data

  4. Temporal Data

  1. Character DataType:-

    • char-eg:char(5) stores fixed length string of length 5. Max 255 bytes.

  • varchar-eg: varchar(5) stores variable length of length 5. Max 65535 bytes .

1st Query:-

SHOW CHARACTER SET; --shows various character sets that are supported .

/* sql is not case sensitive.Every query Ends with semicolon.*/

latin1 is the default character set. We can also choose a specific character set like below,

varchar(10) character set utf8 --the particular column is set utf8

create database foregin_sales character set utf8; -- entire database is set to utf8.

2.Text DataType:-

All images in the section are from Learning SQL by Alan Beaulieu

BLOB-Binary Large Object File:-

  1. Tiny Blob

  2. Blob

  3. Medium Blob

  4. Ling Blob

3 . Numeric DataType:-

Whole Numbers:-

Tinyint is used to store Bool or Boolean

Decimal Numbers:-

Temporal Data:-

Thanks for reading. Hope it will be useful to you. I will post some basic SQL queries in my next Blog.

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