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Starting my new journey as a data analyst:

Every sunrise is a new beginning
New beginning.........

Who am I?

Hi! This is Gayathri Natarajan. I am an MTech graduate passionate about learning new technologies.

How did I start my career?

I started my career as an Assistant Professor in an Engineering College. Then shifted my interest towards user experience design.

What I went through?

I had to take a break (actually a long break) from profession because of so many reasons you would think from a women’s perspective. In spite of missing being independent women, I volunteered in a non-profit Organization to update myself in the field.

What I am into now?

Referred by my dearest friend, I came to know about Tim and this loving organization Numpy Ninja which is created specially for women like me struggling to come back in profession. Among the courses being taught, I found myself suitable for data analytics.

Why did I choose data analytics?

Numpy Ninja provides not only free demo sessions in both SDET and data analytics also free first week session where you can attend the classes and try hands-on to see if you are on a right track.

When I attended my first demo session in data analytics, I fell in love with it. I know I am on my new quest to learn something I will enjoy working with.

What is my next post about?

I want to show how my first assignment looked like in my next post. Please continue reading……..


Ninjas if you want to share your journey, please comment in this post. Let’s be an inspiration for someone who is struggling to take their new stepping stone.

With love,


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