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Subscriptions in Power BI: Insights anytime...

Serenity Moonstone, a data analyst at ApexHorizon ventures, wakes up in the morning thinking about getting updates on the report which she created a week ago.

She wonders about the how the sales figure of her company is being affected by the campaign her team launched with the marketing team of the company, whether that campaign affected customer retention and whether the competitors' similar product brought down the sales. To get the insights at 6 a.m. in the morning, all she needs to do is open her mail box and check the updates on the report. That is the Power of Subscriptions in Power BI.

Let's see how we can create subscriptions like Serenity in Power BI service.

Subscriptions can be created if the user has either Pro or PPU per capacity license. Subscriptions can be created for ourselves or for others, but to access the reports through email, the user shoud have either Pro or Premium per capacity license.

The email received by subscription looks like below.

To subscribe to a specific report, the user needs to open the report in Power BI service, and select 'Subscribe to Report'.

Subscriptions can be created for selected pages or the entire repor and can be turned off any time by the toggle button.

Roles of workspaces in subscription:

Data Driven Subscriptions:

Power BI report can be subscribed as Personalized paginated report as well, but it is a preview feature as of now and its only applicable for Paginated Reports. The concept is somewhat like dynamic Row level Security, by which each person is able to see their respective report.

Subscriptions can also be created with Filters, Personalized visuals and for external emails with the help of Power Automate.

In conclusion, subscription is a powerful feature in power BI service, by which a user can have updates right in their inbox.

Thanks for reading!

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