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Tableau basics

Tableau is a powerful and fastest growing data visualization tool used in the Business Intelligence Industry.

The best features of Tableau software are

  • Data Blending

  • Real time analysis

  • Collaboration of data

Tableau Product Suite

The Tableau Product Suite consists of

  • Tableau Desktop

  • Tableau Public

  • Tableau Online

  • Tableau Server

  • Tableau Reader

  • Tableau Desktop has a rich feature set and allows you to code and customize reports.

  • In Tableau public, workbooks created cannot be saved locally, in turn, it should be saved to the Tableau’s public cloud which can be viewed and accessed by anyone.

  • Tableau online has all the similar functionalities of the Tableau Server, but the data is stored on servers hosted in the cloud which are maintained by the Tableau group.

  • Tableau server is specifically used to share the workbooks, visualizations that are created in the Tableau Desktop application across the organization

  • Tableau Reader is a free tool which allows you to view the workbooks and visualizations created using Tableau Desktop or Tableau Public.

  • Tableau connects and extracts the data stored in various places. It can pull data from any platform imaginable and the spreadsheet application used for manipulating the data while Tableau is a perfect visualization tool used for analysis.

Tableau can be very good tool with great connectivity and user friendly feature to serve for any organizational reporting requirement.

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