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Tableau — Products of Tableau


“Tableau is a Business Intelligence tool that is purposely used for making visualizations “

“Tableau is used to get insights out of the data to make the analysis”

Different products of Tableau

Tableau is a company that has different Products:
1)Tableau Desktop
2)Tableau Server
3)Tableau Online
4)Tableau Prep Builder
5)Tableau Reader
6)Tableau Public

1)Tableau Desktop :

Tableau Desktop is used to create worksheets and charts and build the dashboard on top of that.

2)Tableau Server:

It is used by a person who handles administrative activities.
Tableau admin or administrator is responsible for managing the data sources, creating the users, scheduling the dashboards, creating alerts and subscriptions, and publishing the dashboard from the Tableau desktop to the tableau server.
Tableau server hosted on-premises (a server that a company privately owns and controls.)

3)Tableau Online:

The tableau server and Tableau Online both are the same workwise but Tableau Online is not installed in the systems, it is hosted on a cloud platform.

4)Tableau Prep Builder:

It’s nothing but an ETL tool. Always unwanted data will be deleted by the prep builder.

5)Tableau Reader:

It is simply like a readable format. We cannot make any modifications to the data.

6)Tableau Public:

It’s an Open Source Website. We can register it and we can publish our dashboards and share them with others


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