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Tableau Vs Power BI

Data visualization allows business users to gain insight into their vast amounts of data. It benefits them to recognize new patterns and errors in the data. Making sense of these patterns helps the users pay attention to areas that indicate red flags or progress.

Data Visualization is process of Represent Data in graphical format. This allow people to see relationship and pattern that would be difficult to predict from raw Data.

it can also use to communicate complex ideas quickly and effectively. As it allows people to grasp ideas quickly through pictures. it is true even with complex data set, because data visualization shines lights on relationship between variables allowing you to make sense out of something otherwise being unnoticed if you are simply reading data set.

Data Visualization helps business user to gain insight into their vast amount of data. It helps them to recognize new pattern and errors in data. Making sense of these pattern helps them to pay attention to area that indicate Red flag or progress.

Data Visualization can also help and facilitate data driven decision Making. Using Chart make it easier identify outlier that can be important when you are making decision making campaigns, employee programmer decision or sales strategy.


Tableau is powerful business intelligence tools that manages data flow and turns data in to actionable actions whereas.

Power BI:

power BI is services provided by Microsoft that can analysis data and visualize data and extract insights.

and share it across in various department in within organization.

Both are best business intelligence and analytical tools available in market but there are some differences need to be considered before choosing any of them lets elaborate difference.

Tableau vs power Bi desktop


There are 25 AI tools available in Market But two most leaders in Market are Tableau and powerful BI

tableau support by default 25 charts whereas power BI supports 30 charts by default and if you are looking to build up sunburst chart you have to create calculated fields whereas in power bi it has 250 inbuild chart out of 80 charts are absolutely free and and for other charts you have to pay.

Importing Data

in companies' data is stored in various files like excel, csv files, oracle and so on in Tableau you can fetch data from 77 data sources whereas in Power Bi you fetch data from 99 sources you can get data from live webpage like Facebook LinkedIn , and from email too and it is friendly uses though you can fetch data from tableau, but it is little bit complicated procedure.

cleaning data"

In companies most of 70% time is spent on transforming Data (cleaning Data) Tableau do not have in build ETL tool you have to download separate software to clean data, Power BI have inbuild tool power query which helps to clean Data and Easy to use.

Artificial intelligence

In Tableau AI and BI Scope is Limited whereas in Power Bi there is great scope for AI &BI

User Interface"

tableau have very friendly interface even if you are new it is very easy to use on other hand power Bi have friendly interface but as compare with Tableau it is little bit hard.


In Tableau you can create very interactive dashboard but in Power BI you can create Dashboard but it is not interactive


Creativity is place where you can show your Talent by creating different visualization presenting your data in proper manner Tableau have very good feature where you can make number of calculated field and visualize data in presentable way but in Power Bi It lacks Creativity.


if you are working in Organization how much data both tools can Handle in power Bi 100 TB of Data whereas in Tableau can Handle unlimited Data.


Tableau Charge 70$ per month per user in 70 $ you you Get tableau Desktop(dovelper tool). Tableau online (ETL tool) Tableau Pre (Publisher tool) in Power BI they charge 10$ per month which include power bi Desktop, Power bi service, Power BI query very cost effective.

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