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Testing an API manually using SoapUI

Hello Everyone,

Here is my first ever blog on Testing an API manually using SoapUI. We will see how we install the SoapUI, create simple projects and how we test it.

What is an API

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other.

  • To start with we will install the SoapUI open source to test the API.

  • Then we will continue with simple calculator project and the BLZ codes.

Installing the SoapUI

First use the following link and download the SoapUI open source. › downloads › soapui

  • Once it has been downloaded, double click on the Installer. After it opens up, it will ask for permissions like "Do you allow the software to make changes for your computer".

  • Press ok and then click on the Next button in every step. Then click on the Finish button.

  • We will come to the Stay Tuned page.

  • Press the skip button and you will see the Endpoint Explorer, close that as well.

Basic Calculator Project

  • To open a new SOAP project ,Click on the Soap button on the top left. We will get to see a box with project name and wsdl.

  • Paste the following link in the initial wsdl box.

  • The Project name Calculator will be automatically displayed in the project box. Press ok.

  • The link we loaded has wsdl at the end of the line and that is the API.

  • On the left hand side, we will see 2 projects Calculator Soap and Calculator Soap 12.

  • In Calculator Soap, click on the add (+) button, then double click on the Request 1 and a new window will open up. This is the API and this is how it looks.

Enter the input values
  • We will see some codes . It means the API is expecting an input in the place of a ?.

  • Enter the input values in the place of ? and press the green play button. A new window opens up on the right hand side. It has 2 vertical tabs RAW and XML.

  • Now what you view is the RAW format. Click on the XML tab to get the result of addition.

For the inputs 2 and 5, we got the output as 7
Output of Addition
  • Similarly we can perform all the other operations.

  • The window on the left hand side is the Request Window.

  • The window on the right hand side is the Response window.

  • This is the Manual Testing of an API.

So in an API testing if we know what the inputs and outputs are, we can verify if the output is correct or not.

BLZ Codes Project

Let us now test the BLZ codes. We will give the BLZ code as the input and check if we get the corresponding bank name, location and the pincode displayed as the output.

BLZ Codes

Bankleitzhal (BLZ code) is an 8 digit code used when sending money from one bank to another within Germany.


  • Similar to the previous project we should paste the wsdl link, then open a new Soap project, enter the input and check the output.

  • First let us open the following link

  • The page has the details regarding the German Bank Code Service API.

  • If we scroll down a little, we can find the API (that has the wsdl).

  • Paste the wsdl API in the initial wsdl box as shown above and press ok. The project will be opened on the top left of the page.

  • Now in the BLZServiceSOAP 11 Binding, click on the getBank and double click on the SOAP Request1.

  • This is the Request window and the API is expecting an input in the place of ?. Let us search for the BLZ Codes list and give it as the input and verify the output now. These are some of the BLZ Codes and let us check it out.

  • Let us give the BLZ Code 3907002 and click on the Green play button. A new window will open on the right hand side and it is the response window.

  • The output will be in RAW format. So click on the XML format to view the output.

  • The output we got matches with the BLZ Code 3907002.

  • Similarly we can test the API with the different BLZ Codes.

Hope the blog gives an idea about testing an API manually using SoapUI.

Thank You everyone for reading the blog.

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