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Types of testing ( BDD vs TDD vs ATDD)

1.Test-Driven Development (TDD)

2.Behavioral Driven Development (BDD)

3.Acceptance Test-Driven Development (TDD)

End of this article get know how each methods works ,also get to know key differences and particular roles .

1.Test-Driven Development (TDD):

It's a software development technique .TDD is more technical and it is written in the same language in which the feature is Implemented. To implement TDD we need to have technical knowledge. A development technique focused on individual units of a desired feature .Tools used in TDD are JDave, Cucumber, JBehave, Spec Flow, BeanSpec, Gherkin Concordian, FitNesse, Junit, TestNG, NUnit frameworks, Selenium tool (any open source tools)

2.Behavioral Driven Development (BDD)

BDD focuses on the system's behavior. It will give clear understanding as to what the system should do from the perspective of the developer and the customer. it's very easy to non technical person can understand the testing .Written in simple plain English and Gherkin.Tools used in Gherkin, Dave, Cucumber, RSpec, Behat, Lettuce, JBehave, Specflow, BeanSpec, Concordian, MSpec, Cucumber with Selenium / Serenity.

3.Acceptance Test-Driven Development (TDD)

ATDD focuses on capturing the accurate requirements. It is easy for non technical person to understand this.ATDD is a technique similar to BDD, focusing more on capturing the requirements.

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