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What is software testing

Software testing is the process of evaluating and verifying that a software product or application does what it is supposed to do. It helps to prevent bugs, reducing development costs and improving performance.

Software testing is a process of examining the functionality and behavior of the software through verification and validation. Software verification and validation

(V&V) is the process of checking that a software system meets specifications and requirements so that it fulfills its intended purpose.

Software testing is incomplete until it undergoes verification and validation processes. Verification and validation are the main elements of Software testing workflow because they:

  • Ensure that the end product meets the design requirements.

  • Reduce the chances of defects and product failure.

  • Ensures that the product meets the quality standards and expectations of all


Verification is the process of determining if the software is designed and developed according to specified requirement. The verification ensures that the code logic is in line with specifications. According to the complexity of application the software testing team uses different methods of verification, including inspection, code reviews, technical reviews, and walkthroughs. Verification checks that the software team is building the product right or not. Verification is a continuous process that begins well in advance of validation processes and runs until the software application is validated and released. Verification comes before validation.

Validation :

Validation comes after verification and it is mostly done after the completion of the software development process. It checks that the client gets the product as they are expecting.

Validation focuses only on the output; it does not concern itself about the internal processes and technical process. It includes both white box testing and black box testing. It performs both functional and non-functional testing.

So, verification would check the design and spelling mistake

After verification testing ,the new specification is “A clickable button with name submit”.

After code is ready, validation will be done and in this team will make the submit button as clickable.

Verification and validation are an integral part of software

engineering. Without verification and validation, a software team may not be able to build a product that meets the expectations of stakeholders. Verification and validation help reduce the chances of product failure and improve the reliability of the end product.

Both verification and validation happen simultaneously in agile development methodology.

I hope this blog helped you to learn about verification and validation in testing.

Happy learning!

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