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Web-to-Case : A move for innovative Support

An organization trying to provide a Stellar Customer experience can optimize the customer support process . This would increase the productivity of support teams and how they provide service to the customers gives them an edge over the competitors.

A Salesforce feature that lets you automatically capture support requests from the website using forms and turn them into cases for the support team to take action on is called 'web-to-case'. The forms are customizable and once a customer submits it, 'web-to-case' automatically sends them an email about receipt of the request. These emails can be customized to suit the needs of the teams. It will also simultaneously log the case in the salesforce org and also link to a specific contact.

This feature will improve the support teams productivity and response to customer support queries can be a lot faster. In order use this feature, the fields to be included on the case form have to be chosen based on requirements. Along with the fields to capture customer details, fields to capture information about the case are also needed on the form.

An email template needs to be created to send automated notifications about the case submitted and also it is ideal that has clarification on the response time. Case assignment rules can also be created and activated to assign the case with relevant support teams. Default case owner can be selected to automatically assign those that do not meet the assignment rule criteria.

To prevent scam requests, reCAPTCHA verification can be enabled for the customers who submit the requests. Response templates can used to notify customers about their requests and response rules can be created to use the template appropriate to the case. Email signature in the notification email can also be customized as needed by the teams.

However, this feature have some limitations such as number of cases captured in 24 hours is limited to 5000. Any further requests beyond this will be stored in pending requests queue. Also this forms do not support rich text fields or attachments.

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