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Why Amazon Web Services Is Popular?

Amazon Web Services commonly referred to as AWS seems to be more popular around. Have you ever wondered why AWS has widespread industry support? Canaysis reports the world wide cloud market grew 35% the first quarter of 2021. AWS has 32% of the market, followed by Azure at 19%, Google at 7% and Alibaba Cloud close behind.

AWS has a substantial lead and their market share has been steadily increasing.The popularity of AWS could be attributed to the head start they had in terms of years compared to other competitors.AWS Services are by far the most evolved and also provides greater functionality addressing all business needs.

AWS services are highly scalable and they also offer a wide range of cloud services starting from basic hosting to analytics, the trending block chain and machine learning too and much more.They also have data centers spread across the globe there by reducing latency and in turn provide better end user experiences.Some of the reputed global enterprises using AWS are Netflix,Facebook ,LinkedIn,BBC,ESPN,Unilever,Kelloggs,Expedia,Airbnb to quote a few.

AWS services are highly cost effective.The pricing model of pay as you go is appealing and also the flexibility to pay only for the services you use and the time they are used for is very attractive to large enterprises as well as small scale start-ups.AWS pricing is similar to pricing adopted by utility services like electricity and water.This can be highly advantageous where there can be variations of high usage and low usage depending on the business needs on a day to day basis.

AWS provides services to help protect data.All data flowing across global networks are encrypted at the physical layer.Additional layers of encryption are also available.AWS provides a variety of security tools to encrypt data and also monitor security threats and receive security alerts. Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Inspector, Amazon Macie, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Access Analyzer, AWS Systems Manager are some tools. The AWS Security Hub provides a single place to consolidate information from multiple AWS security services. Amazon Detective is used to analyze and identify potential security threats and also detect suspicious activities.

In conclusion AWS services popularity can be summed up to the extensive cost savings, scalability,reliability and security which seems to be an ideal solution in the current ever growing high demand business scenario.

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