Why I prefer Python for Beginners

I just started learning python from code academy.when i am learning python so many questions came into my mind.why we need to have so many languages to talk to computer.How they are coming up with so many computer languages. All these languages are to talk to computer and get what we need in this case it is good to start with python 2 as basics to start over.

when i am learning python from codeacademy i thought this is the best language for beginners like me to explore and understand what function or argument do and easy to understand and learn.They are giving very good examples to play with and even giving hints to go over.Python 2 is like helping us to learn "ABC" in computer language.So as beginners i prefer to start learning with python 2 to start over and another language will be easy to use.

This is my first Blog i wrote and all yopur inputs and reviews will boost me up and come with different topics to cover.

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