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Word Cloud in Tableau: With a few clicks

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A Word cloud is also known as a Text cloud or Tag cloud, it is an infographic representation of text data typically used to describe the frequently searched tags/keywords on text. Tags are usually single words, and the importance of each tag is shown with font size or color. Word clouds are a popular technique to visualize qualitative data through articles and speeches. It is also used for data analytics & text mining.

Tableau is a visualization & data analytics tool broadly used in the industry now. It provides a native feature to create Word Clouds with a few clicks.


In this blog, I am going to create a word cloud to give a quick understanding of the importance and unique words from the data.

I will be using Sample-superstore Data in Tableau to create a word cloud chart, that shows us the relative frequency of the city according to its profit.

Following steps to create a word cloud in tableau:

  1. Open Tableau public and select “Sample-Superstore” dataset: Connect to Sample-Superstore dataset:

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2. Drag the data tables and join using the unique key (if required) as shown below:

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3. Create a sheet or click on sheet 1 as shown below:

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4. Drag “City” field to “Text “ mark cards :

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5. Drag “City” field to “Size” mark cards and changed the measure to “Count of city”. After this step, the size of each city will get change according to its occurrence in the dataset. The more the word occurrence in data, the greater the size will be.

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6. Change the type of chart from “Automatic” to “Text” :

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7. In the final step, drag “Profit” field to “Color” marks card. This is done to group the city according to Profit and this will help the user visually analyze the word cloud in a better way.

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Conclusion Word Clouds helps the presentation to shine out, but when it comes to serious data analysis there are better tools that can be tried out. However, the main objective of this blog was to show how to create word clouds in Tableau in a few minutes. So, you can try building your own word clouds with the data of your choice.

Thank you for reading. If you like it and find it useful give me clap.

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