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Get to know 5 Best API Tools in Api testing!

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Before starting to know about the Api tools let's have a brief knowledge about what is Api and why we need Api testing tools.

What is an Api?

Api is application program interface and it act as a interface or a messenger between two software to share data and talk to each other.

Why we need Api testing tools?

These Api applications are designed to remain fully functional without compromising on user privacy with the help of Api testing tools.

Api testing tools are mainly needed and used by development and testing teams to qualify software performance before they get to the user’s hands.

How to choose an API testing tools?

There are n number of testing tools are on the market, So we have to consider the following points in mind before selecting the testing tool for our project,

1.User Interface:

Ensure that the tool has an intuitive and easy-to-use UI.


Level of difficulty required to learn, master, and use an automation tool in a shortest period of time.

3.Data Driven Testing:

Consider whether the tool supports data-driven testing.

4.API/Web Service Support:

Verify that the tool supports the API/web service types used by your application under test.

5. Automation:

Evaluate the automation features provided by the tool.

These are just a few criteria to keep in mind selecting an API testing tool.

TOP 5 API Testing tools on the market

Certainly, coming to our important subject of our blog. There are number of API testing tools available in the market, but we are going to see the top 5 best API Testing tools in, 2023.

1. Katalon Studio

2. JMeter

3. Postman

4. Rest-Assured


Let's have a brief knowledge about the tools,


Best for running API test automation across multiple environments.


  1. It is immensely flexible, allowing you to run tests on all platforms.

  2. it permits you to run automated tests on UI elements such as pop-ups, iFrames, overlays, and so on.

  3. It allows you to create and reuse automated scripts.

  4. It gives you the readymade seamless integration with DevOps pipelines and CI testing tools. These helps to reduce the time necessary to create automated scripts.

  5. It also provides several ways to customize and enhance your test procedure to fit your application's context. These include keyword-driven testing, page object model testing. data-driven testing, and TDD/BDD Testing.


Ideal for testing performance both on static and dynamic resources.


  1. Apache JMeter is a desktop application that allows you to measure test performance of applications across browsers and mobile OSs. The tool focuses on loading testing and provides an intuitive user interface. Apache JMeter is also capable of carrying out other testing types such as functional testing.

  2. Apache JMeter can turn on/off variables depending on your target testing environment, which allows you to configure your test cases easily. The tool allows you to identify the issues in your performance by scaling your tests and rerunning existing scripts.

  3. Apache JMeter also allows you to run stress tests, so you are able to find breaking points in your systems, ensuring their reliability.

  4. Apache JMeter is full open source and free to use.


A Widely Used tool with a user-friendly interface.


1. Postman provides templates for testers to easily create test suites by reducing the amount of time spent on coding test scripts. Its schema editor makes it possible to work with files of various sizes and formats.

2. Equipped with an API client that automatically detects the contents of an HTTP response body- from its format, language, and links. Postman provides a streamed and effective environment to work and accelerate API test and development.

3. It supports HTTP methods and in addition to that it defines complex API requests for WebSocket's, GraphQL, open API, and SOAP formats.

4. It saves work progress by automatically storing all your Api calls in your cloud-based system. Hence, you can easily reuse them to quickly create a prototype API workflow.


API test validation tool for Java RESTful services. It is a code-based tool that requires you to write tests in Java.


1. Rest Assured is used to verify the REST APs with the help of the Java library. Java library acts like a headless client to act upon the Rest web services. The libraries based on the Rest Assured library are also capable of validating the HTTP responses from the server.

2. It can be used to test XML & JSON based web services. It supports GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, OPTIONS and HEAD requests and can be used to validate and verify the response of these requests.

3.REST assured is equally able to combine tests of REST services and UI in a single framework.

Swagger is a suite of tools for API developers and a former specification upon which the Open API Specification is based.


  1. API Design and Development: Swagger API allows developers to design and model APIs according to specification-based standards2.

  2. API Documentation: It provides tools to generate interactive API documentation, improving the developer experience1.

  3. API Testing: Swagger API supports automated testing, allowing developers to validate their APIs without any setup or desktop downloads3.

  4. API Mocking and Virtualizations: It enables developers to simulate API responses and test their applications without relying on the actual backend services4.

  5. API Governance and Monitoring: Swagger API offers tools to set and enforce API style guidelines across your API architecture4.

Knowledge is Wealth in this growing world. Keep Learning!!!

Reference: Google

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